Celebrating ‘this ability’: Unlocking Potential to Achieve Self-Reliance

February 26 , 2024 By Karshan Gadhavi, Senior Project Officer, Mundra

To commemorate the International Day of People with Disabilities and enable them to become financially independent, the Adani Foundation organized a large-scale employment fair in Bhuj, Kutch. At the event, appointment letters were awarded to 105 persons with disabilities on Dec 4, 2023. They secured jobs at the Adani Group and other companies located in and around Mundra. Additionally, 50 candidates received assistive devices to become self-employed.

While it was a sheer joy to mobilize these passionate individuals and find suitable job roles for them, what is even more thrilling is to see them at work. Here are a few inspiring stories of those whose journey had been marked by challenges but they rose above all odds to find a purpose in life.

Aarti Nilesh Jethva, a resilient 43-year-old from Junagadh, Gujarat, overcame the challenge of being divyang. Despite facing financial struggles since childhood, she pursued an Art Teacher Diploma from a government college in Maharashtra, which made her eligible to teach Drawing to students up to class 8. Additionally, she successfully completed a diploma in Interior Designing through a private institution. Aarti, who couldn't even move from one place to other till class 10 owing to her condition, displayed remarkable determination to complete her studies. After having her leg operated in class 10, she managed to walk a bit and financed her education by selling paintings. Undeterred, Aarti secured a position as a Trainer for stitching and painting at the Adani skill development center. Her dedication shone through as she successfully completed her first project, training 100 women well ahead of the deadline..

Devang Gadhavi, a resident of Mota Bhadiya, Mandavi, was just three years old when a sharp stick accidently injured his eye, and he lost complete vision. The accident, however, did not stop him from fulfilling his dreams as he went on to complete the course of Foundation of Industrial Training and Technology Resources (FITTER) at Industrial Training Institute ITI and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Despite his acumen, he faced several challenges and even rejections while applying for jobs. But at the employment fair in Mundra, he secured a job at Adani Solar, where he now works as a data operator.

Govind Patni, a resident of Moti Rayan, Mandavi, has 60% disabilities in his body, but he never let it stop him from dreaming. Despite grappling with a sense of inferiority due to his disability since childhood, he persevered and completed his P.T.C. and B.A. He took up several jobs to drive his family out of poverty but lost many opportunities. At the employment fair, he secured a position as a documentation officer at Kuth Copper Limited. He is now hopeful of building a bright and secure future ahead.

22-year-old Arjan Gadhavi suffers from 50% disability in one leg. His schooling was not easy as he faced financial troubles while also dealing with self-esteem issues arising out of his disability. He lacked friends and faced rejection from teachers. This deterred his confidence as he faced the same rejection from his prospective future employers. Battling such issues, Arjan participated in the Divyang Employment Fair, where he secured a job as a Data Entry Officer at Adani Solar. He not only bagged a job, but also regained his confidence, and is now ready to take on the world.

Since 2014, the Adani Foundation is dedicated to mainstream persons with disabilities through its Swavalamban project by supporting them in their journey towards self-reliance. Over the years, it has been celebrating International Day of People with Disabilities at the taluka/district levels by providing assistive devices, organizing employment fairs, facilitating government schemes, and supporting creative and entrepreneurial aspirations. Till date, Swavalamban project has supported 800+ individuals.

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