Bringing healthcare to remotest of regions, Adani Foundation believes that ensuring good health of people is critical for development of a nation. Its key focus is improving access to quality healthcare services for people from the grassroots level belonging to the weaker sections of the society. In this pursuit, it runs Mobile Health Care Units (MHCUs) across the nation, hospitals and clinics, and general as well as specialized health camps. Another significant step in this direction is providing special support to the differently-abled and elderly.

17 Mobile Health Care Units attending to more than 400,000 patients annually

14 Rural Clinics treating more than 30,000 patients annually

Various Medical Health Camps providing diagnostic and treatment facilities to more than 51,000 patients annually

Health Initiatives

Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Sciences (GAIMS) and G. K. General Hospital (GKGH)

Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Sciences (GAIMS) is first Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) endeavour between Government of Gujarat and Adani Education & Research Foundation. G. K. General Hospital (GKGH) is the attached teaching hospital which is the only Multi-Specialty Modern Teaching District Hospital in Kutch district. GKGH provides treatment to all classes of patients particularly poorest of poor patients. On an average, 1700 patients take medical benefits from the hospital every day.

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Health Camps & Senior Citizen Health Cards

Adani Foundation conducts general and specialised health camps to ensure timely diagnosis of critical illnesses and initiation of a suitable line of treatment. These camps also provide timely referral services to the patients for further or specialised care. Additionally, the Vadil Swasthya Yojana benefits senior citizens from a socio-economically marginalised section of the society in Mundra, Gujarat.

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Mobile Health Care Units

Adani Foundation operates Mobile Health Care Units (MHCUs), providing on-the-spot medical assistance to patients in far-flung regions. The MHCUs are serving people in remote villages, thereby ensuring that quality health care services reach the doorsteps of needy groups. These services have been successful in not only treating the patients and generating awareness, but it has also helped the beneficiaries to save money and time which they would have otherwise spent on transportation, consultation and medicines.

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Rural Clinics

Adani Foundation initiated its health care services to remotest areas of rural India with a vision to provide not only preventive and curative services but also in the form of supportive coverage to a considerable population in its project villages. Our 14 rural clinics and wellness centres at various CSR locations provide timely medical aid to around 30,000 patients annually, on an average.

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