Collecting Hope, Spreading Smiles: How the Adani Foundation Is Steering The Noble Cause Of Blood Donation Across India

June 28 , 2024 By Dr Pankaj Doshi, Head-Healthcare Services, Adani Group

At the heart of the Adani Group lies a commitment to work for the people. This commitment to bring about a positive change in people’s lives is steered by the Adani Foundation – the community engagement arm of the Group.

I have personally seen the evolving contributions of the Adani Foundation across socio-economic aspects of human development over the years. Being a doctor by profession, my keen interest remains in the healthcare sector - one of the core thematic areas of the Adani Foundation. The organization is actively taking quality healthcare to the last mile through mobile healthcare units, health camps for primary care, rural clinics and hospitals for secondary and tertiary care. The Foundation is working towards breaking the vicious cycle of malnutrition through a specialised programme named SuPoshan.

One of marquee events that became prominent gradually is our mega blood donation drives. The annual event happens every year as part of the celebration of the Adani Group’s Chairman’s birthday on June 24. The day is all the more special for us because it is the same day when the Adani Group commenced its operations. We Adanians fondly mark the day as ‘Adani Day’.

The pan-India blood donation event is organized by the Adani Foundation in association with Adani Healthcare team. Organizations like Red Cross and other reputed blood banks are also onboard to collect the blood units. It is humbling for me to be a part of blood donation drives since its inception in the year 2011.

It gives me immense pride and joy to share that we have concluded the pan-India mega blood donation drive ’24 successfully on our Chairman’s birthday. It was conducted in 152 cities across 21 states, at more than 220+ camp sites, involving 268 blood banks. We received an overwhelming response from generous donors, and we were able to collect a remarkable 25,282 units of blood, surpassing the last year’s record of 20,621. This initiative will help more than 75, 846 people to recover from critical illnesses by way of use of different components of blood like Whole Blood, PCV, Platelet Concentrates, Plasma, FFP, Cryoprecipitate, Albumin etc.

Every year, employees, along with their family members and friends, come forward to voluntarily donate blood. The primary motivation for donation is simple – a desire to help people. Donors recognize that their contribution has the potential to save lives and improve the health outcome of those in need of a transfusion. Blood and its components have specific life span and because of that there is a constant gap in the demand-supply chain. Regular donations ensure a safe and sufficient supply to those who need it.

The year-on-year turnout and impact of the drives have been both impressive and inspiring. In its first year in 2011, the units of blood collected stood at 1,100, with the number reaching a massive 25,000+ units this year!

After each drive, we diligently prepare a data entry of all donors who came forward to donate. This meticulous practice, which began in the year 2017, ensures we have required information of every donor for the purpose of record keeping, comparison with previous data and data analysis. There is a live dashboard in place at every site while the drive is being conducted. Through this practice, we have a solid database in place in the form of a ‘Blood Group Directory’ of all employees (more than 40,000) with their contact details and locations to refer to in case of an emergency.

Donating blood carries a humanitarian value. Regular donors often experience a sense of indirect reciprocity, leading to a generous cycle of giving and receiving. Participation in such an initiative can foster a sense of unity and social responsibility within communities - something which forms the core of our work at the Adani Foundation. It gives me great happiness to see that our humble effort has taken the shape of an inspiring cause of this magnitude, with the number of donors increasing with each year and touching more lives than before. The outcomes of the year-on-year drives are indeed something to take pride in. Through their participation, our fellow employees are becoming a part of this selfless cause and becoming superheroes (in disguise) for those in need.

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