Our initiatives aim to reach remotest corners of India and engage local communities to equip them in becoming self-sufficient. Synergies between these initiatives are ushering in development that is sustainable and impacts that are measurable.

Skilling India’s Demographic Dividend: Adani Saksham has trained 1.5 lakh youth in 8 years

May 16 , 2024 By Jatin Trivedi, COO, Adani Skill Development Centre

To contribute towards the Government’s Skill India mission, the Adani Foundation launched Saksham on May 16, 2016 and has invested 200 crore human hours on training the youth of the country.

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Mothers Empowering Mothers: Redefining motherhood at the Adani Foundation

May 13 , 2024 By Vivek Yadav, Head - health & nutrition

Every year, Mother’s Day comes as a sweet and subtle reminder to honour the role a mother plays in the life of us all.

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Project Utthan giving students from rural hinterland wings to fly

April 29 , 2024 By Jatin Upadhyay, Project Manager - Education

Adani Competitive Coaching Centers (ACCCs) are part of our holistic interventions under Project Utthan.

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World Water Day 2024: Community-Based Water Management for Sustenance, Peace & Prosperity

March 22 , 2024 By Aejaz Fulwadia, Senior Project Officer

Water, our life source, is precious to sustain all living beings on Earth.

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Women: Not building blocks but builders of India

March 09 , 2024 By Priti Adani, Chairperson, Adani Foundation

In Tamnar, Chhattisgarh, seven tribal women aged 20-25 took up a free six-month training program in Fire Safety and Disaster Management in Vadodara.

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Celebrating ‘this ability’: Unlocking Potential to Achieve Self-Reliance

February 26 , 2024 By Karshan Gadhavi, Senior Project Officer, Mundra

To commemorate the International Day of People with Disabilities and enable them to become financially independent, the Adani Foundation organized a large-scale employment fair in Bhuj, Kutch.

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Embracing Radiance: The Heartfelt Odyssey of SuPoshan Sanginis in Narmada

December 28 , 2023 By Kavita Sardana, Advisor, Project SuPoshan

In the wee hours of the morning, my journey began, winding through the roads that led to Rajpipla in Narmada (Gujarat) where I was about to witness first hand, a remarkable transformation catalysed by more than 200 extraordinary women known as SuPoshan Sanginis.

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IT on Wheels: Going the Distance to Ensure Computer Literacy in Rural Areas

November 11 , 2023 By Pradipsinh Vaghela, Project Officer – Education

I am astonished by the fact that we have witnessed more progress in the last 500 years than in the previous 5000 years, and more in the last 50 years than in the previous 500 years.

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This Village-level Irrigation System in Rajasthan is Helping 500 Farmers

June 27 , 2023 By Akhilesh Kumar Gupta, Sr. Manager – CSR

Gopal Meena lives with six members of his family in Kankra Dungar village in Bundi district of Rajasthan.

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Building Rural India by Optimizing and Scaling Dairy Development

May 15 , 2023 By Anil Balakrishnan, CSR Head (Southern India) & Satya Ranjan Mishra, Unit CSR Head – Dhamra, Odisha

The livestock sector in India plays a key role in providing livelihoods to more than 80 million rural households and contributes sizably to the national economy.

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Strengthening Preventive Measures to Supplement Public Healthcare Facilities

April 19 , 2023 By Dr. Nilesh A Yadav, Head – Health & Nutrition

The World Health Organization defines good health as a “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

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Enhancing Young Students’ Learning Curve through Project Udaan

March 24 , 2023 By Krishna Mandavia, Project Officer (Udaan)

A young Gautam Adani was left awe-inspired by his visit to the Kandla Port in Gujarat, and the rest as they say is history.

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Int’l Women’s Day: India Needs Gender Equity for Food & Nutrition Security

March 10 , 2023 By Kavita Sardana, Advisor - Health & Nutrition

Every year, International Women’s Day reminds us to be more mindful and welcoming of women’s contribution from all communities and countries.

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Empowering the Youth of New India with Tech-Enabled Skilling

February 16 , 2023 By Hiral Pandya, Senior Manager – Training, Adani Skill Development Centre

Rapidly changing technologies are transforming the modern workplace. Humans are fearing that machines will take over their jobs.

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Archery Training: Harnessing Talent in Tribal Youth through CSR

January 24 , 2023 Devendra Dubey (Program Manager) & Sheetal Patel (Project Officer), Raigarh – Chhattisgarh

Archery is a famous Olympic sport. In the present day it remains only a sport, but in ancient time, archery was a way to survive – it was used for self-defence, hunting, and warfare.

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Braving Bitter Weather and Harsh Terrain to Deliver Healthcare

December 29 , 2022 Dr. Priyanka Gautam, Medical Officer – Sainj (Himachal Pradesh)

With rapid increase in and complexity of medical problems, it has become inevitable for corporates to step in and supplement the efforts of the Government.

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Real Requirements in Education: Transforming the environment and culture in schools

November 21 , 2022 By Jatin Upadhyay, Project Manager (Education)

Earlier this month I had the chance to visit the Jatra Pokhari Primary School. This tiny educational facility is situated in Jatra Pakhori village, in Jagula Gram Panchayat of Block Chandabali, in Bhadrak district of Odisha.

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The Gram Bharati Experience & Learnings

October 30 , 2022 By Deepa Bedre, Project Officer, Tirora

Adani Foundation invests in building social capital, promoting collective strength through self-help groups, supporting initiatives towards preservation of traditional art, and organizing skill development training for the women artisans.

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International Day of the Girl Child: How 60 Girls are Teaching to Continue Learning

October 10 , 2022 By Preeti Prajapati, Sr. Project Officer – Raipur

For many girls living in remote villages of rural India, the single biggest problem in continuing their education is the commute. During our need assessment for education programme in Raipur, Chhattisgarh,

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SuPoshan Sangini: Strengthening Families, Community & the Society

September 27 , 2022 By Dr. Nilesh Yadav, Head – SuPoshan & Sheetal Patel, Dist. Coordinator (Narmada)

Promoting women’s sense of self-worth and their ability to determine as well as exercise their own choices are not just tall, cliché claims.

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Teacher’s Day 2022: Competent Teachers, Vibrant Adani Schools

September 04 , 2022 By Nishtha Gupta Jain (Teacher – Adani Vidyalaya, Kawai)

The competence of a teacher cannot be measured in terms of how much he/she teaches. But rather, what they teach. Children are like soft clay, ready to be moulded.

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Educate a woman and empower entire community

August 29 , 2022 Ms. Ayushi Mehrotra, Project Officer- Surguja

Gandhiji believed that women’s education was as important as that of men.

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Contributing to the Well-Being of Indigenous Communities for a Better World

August 08 , 2022 Usha Mishra (CSR Head-Dahej, Gujarat), Devendra Dubey (Programme Manager-Raigarh, Chhattisgarh) & Priyeshkumar Rathod (CSR Head-Hazira, Gujarat)

India is home to about 700 tribal groups with a population of 104 million, as per the 2011 census.

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From Digitization to Digitalization in the CSR Space

July 28 , 2022 Kshitij Sharma (Head – Monitoring, Evaluation & Information Analytics) and Vinod Lasod (Senior Manager – Monitoring, Evaluation & Information Analytics)

While India Inc. has been abuzz with the concepts like big data, analytics, and their utility in scaling newer heights for the businesses, the same have found their way into the CSR space.

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World Youth Skills Day 2022: A Mission to Unleash Indian Youth’s Potential

July 14 , 2022 Danish Qureshi, Zonal Head - South, Adani Skill Development Centre

Adani Skill Development Centre (ASDC) has been on a fascinating journey since its inception in 2016, and we have seen many obstacles.

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Transforming a Tribal Community through Livelihood Initiatives

June 28 , 2022 Avinash Pathak, Assistant Manager (CSR)

I have worked in the space of community development for my entire professional life, a large part of it has involved working with tribal communities in Maharashtra.

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World Environment Day: Strengthening the Lungs of #OnlyOneEarth

June 03 , 2022 Prakash Makvana, Project Officer, Mundra

The climate is heating up too quickly for people and nature to adapt, pushing millions of species towards extinction.

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Adani Vidya Mandir: Alumna Honey Gupta’s Inspirational Journey to BARC

May 26 , 2022 Adani Foundation

World Bank data shows that in 107 out of 114 economies, there are fewer female than male STEM graduates. Even within STEM, women prefer life sciences and are less represented in fields like computer science, and mechanical and electrical engineering.

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Int’l Mother’s Day: How Sarita Went the Distance to Save her Child

May 06 , 2022 Sheetal Patel, SuPoshan Officer and Vivek Yadav, Project Co-Ordinator

In Budiya, a remote village of Raigarh district in Chhattisgarh, lives the family of 32-year-old Sarita Rajpoot.

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World Book and Copyright Day: Utthan is helping kids discover what reading for pleasure is all about

April 22 , 2022 Jatin Upadhyay, Coordintor - Education

When was the last time you saw your child pick up a book to read? When was the last time you sat with him to read a book together?

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World Health Day 2022: Delivering 4 lakh Treatments Annually to Remote Areas

April 06 , 2022 Adani Foundation

On World Health Day 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) has focused global attention on urgent actions needed to keep humans and the planet healthy and foster a movement to create societies focused on well-being.

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World Water Day 2022: Sustenance of the Elixir of Life

March 21 , 2022 Adani Foundation

To attain sustainable development in the agriculture-based country, the Adani Foundation initiated water conservation projects across India, mainly in six states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Odisha and Tamil Nadu.

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International Women’s Day 2022: In Conversation with Impact Makers

March 07 , 2022 Adani Foundation

The theme for International Women’s Day 2022 is “gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”.

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How a biodiversity park changed the landscape of Kunjer, Rajasthan

February 22 , 2022 Gopal Singh Deora, Unit CSR Head – Kawai

Biodiversity parks play an important role in reducing air pollution, recharging ground water, and mitigating extreme weather conditions and climate change.

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Exploring Partnerships in CSR: Infusing New Energy & Augmenting Social Impact

February 14 , 2022 Jayanta Mohanty, CSR Head (Eastern Region)

With a vision to accomplish passionate commitment to the social obligations towards communities by fostering sustainable and integrated development, Adani Foundation (AF) has identified partnerships to be a key strategic driver.

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Sewing her dreams into a reality

January 23 , 2022 Adani Foundation

On this National Girl Child Day, we tell a story of a small-town girl’s grit, perseverance and passion that helped her sail through tough times.

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National Youth Day 2022: Harnessing the Power of India’s Demographic Dividend

January 11 , 2022 Adani Foundaton

Swami Vivekananda was one of the finest minds that India has ever seen, whose philosophical and spiritual vision still influences people across the world.

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Kisan Diwas 2021: From Farmers to Agripreneurs for a Sustainable Future

December 21 , 2021 Niteen Shiralkar, Unit CSR Head (Tirora)

Picture this – as per the Food and Agricultural Association (FAO), India ranks first in milk production and second in agriculture production globally.

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Insights about CSR in India and its role in building resilient communities

December 07 , 2021 Dr. Priti Adani- Chairperson, Adani Foundation

It is a privilege to inaugurate the India CSR Summit – three days of learning, thought leadership and analysis.

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IDPWD 2021: Facilitating the Journey from Self-Belief to Self-Reliance

December 01 , 2021 Pankti Shah, CSR Head, Mundra

“There's none so blind as those who will not listen.” These words of author Neil Gaiman are very profound. With our ears to the ground, we endeavour to listen as closely as possible.

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The Immense Scope for Human Development in Rural India through Infra

November 25 , 2021 Nayan Panchal and Vandan Jasani

68 years old Premila Maity has been living in Dhamra’s Narshighprasad village of Dosinga Gram Panchayat for more than 50 years. It is only in 2017 that she saw a pukka/CC road in her vicinity.

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Nat’l Education Day: Asking the right questions before seeking the right answers

November 10 , 2021 Kanchan Deshpande, Principal, Adani Vidya Mandir (Ahmedabad)

NEP 2020 has introduced new dimensions to the education sector in India. Schools run by the Adani Foundation grabbed the opportunity to delve into the minute and important details of the policy and started aligning its educational strategies accordingly.

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The Resource with the Most Potential that India is yet to Optimize

October 21 , 2021 Jatin Trivedi, Chief Operating Officer, Adani Skill Development Centre (ASDC)

On October 22, 2021, Saksham – the skill-development initiative of Adani Foundation – touched a huge milestone. The trainee count hit 80,000!

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Int’l Day of Poverty Eradication: Investing in Sustainable & Inclusive Rural Livelihoods

October 12 , 2021 Anil Balakrishnan, Head – CSR, South India

Creating opportunities for rural communities is at the heart of creating shared prosperity and nation building. Creating opportunities for rural communities is at the heart of creating shared prosperity and nation building.

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SuPoshan Maah: Ensuring Nutrition Security on the Road to Recovery

September 29 , 2021 Rozina Sultana, Regional SuPoshan Officer (East Region) & Vivek Yadav, Project Co-Ordinator, SuPoshan

Recognizing the gravity of the situation and considering the devastating grip of the second wave of COVID-19, CSR initiatives of Adani Foundation leapt into action as soon as it was possible to do so.

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Adani Vidya Mandir: Ushering a Sea Change along the Coastline of Mundra

August 25 , 2021 Adani Foundation

Along the coastline of Mundra, Kutch (Gujarat), is Luni village, which is home to many fisherfolk families.

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Being Resilient to Learn as the Pandemic Upends

May 30 , 2021 George Thomas

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our education system, depriving many the opportunities for growth and development.

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#CovidCare at GAIMS: A Medical Oasis in India's Largest District

May 12 , 2021 Dr. Narendra Hirani

It has been more than a year since we first saw the outbreak of COVID-19.

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Crafting Livelihood Opportunities and a Sustainable Future for Namda Art

April 13 , 2021 Adani Foundation

From sculptures and dance forms to paintings and textile art, India is known for its long and varied history of culturally rich art forms.

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World Water Day 2021: Engagement and Convergence – a Pathway towards Equity and Prosperity

March 19 , 2021 P. N. Roy Chowdhury

The fact that 2.2 billion people live on this planet without access to safe water is a stark reminder that the global community has a long way to before it can accord water security to its members.

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Catalysing Sustainable Behavioural Change for a Suposhit Bharat

February 22 , 2021 Kavita Sardana

Tackling injustices in food and health systems is challenging – poor diets and resulting malnutrition are great societal pressures, causing vast health, economic and environmental burdens.

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One size doesn’t fit all: Delivering education to the margins amidst COVID

January 19 , 2021 Vasant Gadhavi

According to the World Economic Forum, a total of 320 million learners in India have been adversely affected by the pandemic and have transitioned to e-learning.

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Reflecting Upon and Rededicating Ourselves to the Cause of Quality Education

September 29 , 2020 Vasant Gadhavi

In the backdrop of Teacher’s Day this year, as we virtually greeted and thanked the teachers working at Adani Foundation schools.

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Navigating Life with the Compass of Skill Development

August 04 , 2020 Adani Foundation

Jyoti Goswami has shown that no matter how big the storm is, one can muster up the courage to face it like an eagle and fly above it.

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સાચા ઉત્તર દાયિત્વનો ઉત્તર સમાજ આપે જ છે

July 31 , 2020 અદાણી ફાઉન્ડેશન

અખંડ ભારતનો કુલ ૭૫૧૭ કિલોમીટરનો દરિયાકિનારો આવેલો છે. જ્યારે તેમાથી ગુજરાતને ભાગે ૧૬૦૦ કિલોમીટર અને આપણાં કચ્છના ભાગે ૩૦૦ કિલોમીટરનો સમૃદ્ધ દરિયા કિનારો આવેલો છે. સમુદ્રનો સદઉપયોગ કરવામાં આવે તો એ સમૃદ્ધિનો ખજાનો છે.

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સાચા વિકાસ માટે માંગણી નહીં પણ જરૂરિયાતને જાણો

July 31 , 2020 અદાણી ફાઉન્ડેશન

દરિયાને દેવ ગણી તેની પુજા કરવામાં આવે છે. સતત દરિયો ખેડનારને સાગર ખેડુ કહેવામાં આવે છે. રત્નનો ભંડાર હોવાથી રત્નાકર પણ કહેવામાં આવે છે. આ રત્નાકર પાસે સતત રહેનારને પણ ઘણીવાર અનેક મુશ્કેલીઓનો સામનો કરવો પડે જ છે.

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The journey of catalyzing holistic growth in Godda

July 28 , 2020 Adani Foundation

The project currently covers more than 266 schools of Godda spread across 266 villages in 9 blocks, reaching out to over 70,000 students studying in classes 6th to 12th.

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એક હાથલારી પણ આત્મનિર્ભર બનાવી શકે છે

July 22 , 2020 અદાણી ફાઉન્ડેશન

દરેક માણસ એક મનસૂબા સાથે જીવન જીવે છે. પોતાના અરમાનો પૂરા કરવા આખી જિદગી ખર્ચી નાખે છે. એ ગામડાંમાં રહેતા હોય કે ભલે શહેરમાં રહેતા હોય. જેમ માણસની જરૂરિયાત ઓછી તેમ ખોટી દોડધામમાથી બચી શકે.

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From a homemaker to a corona warrior

April 24 , 2020 Adani Foundation

From a homemaker to a corona warrior, Lilaba has come a long way, becoming self-sufficient and leading her life with utmost confidence.

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Expanding the horizons for fisher-folk

January 20 , 2020 Adani Foundation

For fishermen, life revolves around the sea, fishes and the fishing nets. Their net is the most important equipment for them to earn livelihood.

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Potato chips give women confidence to chip in family income

January 20 , 2020 Adani Foundation

From peeling to packaging, the workshops were part of many skill development initiatives to create a job-ready workforce.

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