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Since 1996, the Adani Foundation, the community engagement arm of the Adani Group, has remained agile and deeply committed to making strategic social investments for sustainable outcomes across India. It is empowering and enriching the lives of children, women, youth, and marginalized communities in the core areas of education, health & nutrition, sustainable livelihoods, community development, and climate action.

The strategies of the Foundation are integrated in national priorities and global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By building institutions of people and focusing on sustainability, the Foundation contributes to the dignity, well-being and wealth of the communities surrounding Adani businesses and beyond. 

As it continues to grow and evolve, the Foundation is well-positioned to address the emerging needs of a New India. The Adani Foundation’s reach is extensive, currently operating in 6,769 villages across 19 states, positively impacting 9.1 million lives.



“To accomplish a passionate commitment to social obligations towards communities, fostering sustainable and integrated development, thus improving quality of life”


“To play the role of a facilitator for the benefit of the people without distinction of caste or community, sector, religion, class or creed, in the fields of education, community health, and promotion of social and economic welfare and upliftment of the people in general.”

A Journey of More than 27 Years

Leadership Messages

President's Message

Gautam Adani President

As I look back and reflect on the journey of our Group, I often remember the power of a simple sloka we learnt in school “ “ (Yat karma kurute tadabhisam- padyate), meaning, as your deed is so is your destiny. The larger an organization gets, the more power its deeds wield and the more power its deeds wield greater becomes its responsibility towards the larger society.

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Chairperson's Message

Dr. Priti G. Adani Chairperson

Adani Foundation, the Corporate Social Responsibility wing of the Adani Group is the very essence of our corporate entity, reminding us each day about the very purpose of life. Based on the Gandhian philosophy of trusteeship and our belief of using wealth, talent and privileges for those who are not-so-fortunate…

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Board of Trustees

At Adani Foundation, we are working in 19 states across the nation with one common purpose & vision binding us together. As we strongly believe in the power of team work, we are channelizing ourselves for contributing towards Nation Building and empowering the communities, we operate with.

Gautam S. Adani

PresidentAdani Foundation

Dr. Priti G. Adani

ChairpersonAdani Foundation

Mahasukh S. Adani

TrusteeAdani Foundation

Shilin R. Adani

TrusteeAdani Foundation

Vasant S. Adani

SecretaryAdani Foundation

Dr. Malay Mahadevia

TrusteeAdani Foundation

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