Gautam Adani


Adani Foundation, the Corporate Social Responsibility wing of the Adani Group is the very essence of our corporate entity, reminding us each day about the very purpose of life. Based on the Gandhian philosophy of trusteeship and our belief of using wealth, talent and privileges for those who are not-so-fortunate, the Foundation aims to bring genuine happiness in people’s lives.

Having a firm conviction in the magical co-relation between nation-building and the empowerment of its people, we live through the fact that real empowerment comes through better education, access to health-care, improved livelihood opportunities and sensitivity towards the ecosystem. As we continue to create a robust, interactive and long lasting connect with communities; we also shoulder the responsibility of ensuring their growth and sustainable development. Imbibing the eternal philosophy of Karmanye Vadhikaraste, we, as Adani Act, contribute towards nation-building through strategic interventions, right from the grass root level, with a dedicated and passionate work force.

With a human-centric approach, the Foundation, has strived towards making its processes sustainable, transparent and replicable, aligning itself with the core values of Adani Group, i.e. Courage, Trust & Commitment. Our projects are focused towards being the catalyst for social transformation, facilitating the beneficiaries to become empowered through innovative and sustainable solutions. Through committed actions, we have and we will continue contributing towards the society to set up a chain reaction that will make the future generations self-reliant.

Adani Foundation has been ably supported by its stakeholders including the state and central governments, and our project implementation partners, who are making appreciable efforts while joining hands with us for giving back to the society.

We thank all our partners in this endeavor and pledge to stay committed to bring about holistic progress in the communities within which we operate. We are confident that our efforts along with people’s active participation will bring about sustainable development for one and all.