The Adani Foundation is investing in community health through deployment of resources and services on the ground. The aim is to reach out to the most vulnerable population at the grassroots. The impetus is on pan India projects - Mobile Health Care Units (MHCUs) for doorstep delivery of healthcare, running wellness centres and rural clinics, organising health camps, and building and running multi-speciality hospitals.

20 MHCUs ensure population coverage of over 7.5 Lakh people annually

Rural Clinics cater to over 70,000 patients annually

Over 700 health camps benefitted 75,000+ patients

Healthcare Initiatives

Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Sciences (GAIMS) and G. K. General Hospital (GKGH)

Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Sciences (GAIMS) is first Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) endeavour between Government of Gujarat and Adani Education & Research Foundation. G. K. General Hospital (GKGH) is the attached teaching hospital which is the only Multi-Specialty Modern Teaching District Hospital in Kutch district. GKGH provides treatment to all classes of patients particularly poorest of poor patients. On an average, 1700 patients take medical benefits from the hospital every day.

  • 750+ Beds
  • 14+ Operation Theatres
  • Over 3.5 Lakh OPDs Annually


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Health Camps and Rural Clinics

The Adani Foundation is actively facilitating rural clinics and health camps in rural areas, with a primary focus on providing support to underprivileged individuals, particularly women, children, and the elderly. These healthcare facilities have been significantly contributing by improving the well-being of the community.

The rural clinics operated by the Foundation offer essential medical care and services. Additionally, a wellness center located in Dhamra, Odisha, is playing vital role in providing healthcare services to over 18,000 patients annually. It offers specialized health care services to over 4,000 patients; over 1,000 patients benefit from its physiotherapy services.
Furthermore, the Adani Foundation organizes health camps, including general health camps, multi-specialty camps, and eye camps, among others.

Through these initiatives, the Adani Foundation has demonstrated its commitment to addressing the healthcare needs of marginalized communities in rural areas. By extending quality medical care and specialized services, the foundation is making a positive impact on the lives of those who need it the most, ensuring a healthier future for all.

14+ Rural Clinics and 1 Wellness Centre

Over 65000 patients receive treatments in rural clinics annually

700+ Health Camps collectively treat over 75000 patients annually

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Mobile Health Care Units

The Adani Foundation is actively engaged in operating Mobile Health Care Units (MHCUs) that deliver immediate medical assistance to patients residing in distant and underserved areas. By bringing quality health care services directly to the doorsteps of those in need, the MHCUs are making a significant impact in remote villages. The services provided by these units have proven successful in not only treating patients and raising awareness about health issues but also in helping beneficiaries save valuable time and money that would have otherwise been spent on transportation, consultations, and medications.

20+ MHCUs | 15 CSR Sites Across India | 7.5 Lakh+ Population Coverage Annually | 3.78 Lakh Treatments Annually

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