Community Development

The Adani Foundation endeavours to raise economic growth, human development, and quality of life of the communities through sustainable interventions under CSR. The work is focused on overall development of communities through engagement and infrastructure development. This also includes supporting communities in need of assistance, especially in times of crisis, offering immediate aid and long-term support to those affected by natural disasters or other emergencies.

Community Development Initiatives

Water Conservation and Potable Water Facility

Access to safe and clean drinking water plays a crucial role in enhancing productivity and reducing illnesses. Availability of water is also critical for farming. Recognizing this, the Adani Foundation has undertaken initiatives to provide reliable sources of water (drinking & agriculture). The initiatives aim to not only to store surface water but also to replenish groundwater reserves.

To achieve this, the foundation has established Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants for clean drinking water purpose and implemented groundwater augmentation techniques such as rooftop rainwater harvesting, pond deepening, and bore-well recharge. It is also facilitating drip irrigation to reduce water wastage. These techniques are not only affordable but also easy to implement and highly replicable, ensuring sustainable improvements in the living conditions of rural communities across India.

21 Check Dams | 10.2 million Cu.m Water Storage Capacity | 237 Bore / Recharge Wells | 403 Ponds Deepened | 140 Units of Roof Rainwater Harvesting System Installed

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Education Related Infrastructure

The learning environment in a school plays a crucial role in the holistic development of the children of a community. The Adani Foundation is committed to reimagine school infrastructure in rural areas. It is facilitating to create a conducive learning environment for the students by filling vital infrastructure gaps. It is building classrooms, libraries, toilets, boundary walls and playgrounds. These initiatives are ensuring that the children of a community feel safe, valued, and eager to learn.

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Village Development Works

The Adani Foundation is addressing the basic requirements of the community in remote villages, with the aim to improve the quality of life. It is constructing and repairing roads, installing solar lights, building community halls and community toilets, developing green belts for cleaner environment etc.

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