Fisherman Amenities Projects


Fisher-folk community is one of the largest beneficiary groups of the Foundation’s initiatives. From livelihood support to healthcare and education, our efforts have made a significant difference in their lives.


In order to raise the standard of living of the fisher-folk community, Adani Foundation has assisted in providing good roads to reach sea shore settlements, platforms for drinking water, solar light, space for drying fish, etc. Under the Fisherman Housing Programme, appropriate shelters for the fisher-folk who reside near the coastline all year round except the rainy season have been constructed. A total of 139 shelters have already been handed over to fisher-folk families at Juna Bandar and 110 shelters at Luni Bandar.


During 2014-15, the Foundation has strengthened approach roads; constructed Community Centre at Navinal, Balwadi at Zarpara, and Community Development Centre at Mundra.


Fishermen used to have problems of traveling from Vasahat to the village. To solve this issue and facilitate travel route, approach roads have been constructed to Vasahat. As per requirement, GSB road, earthen road, metal road etc. have been provided and a 13.7 Km approach road has been constructed. Further, around 79 Solar Light have been installed at the fisher-folk residences on the coast to provide lighting facilities at night.


At Fishing Harbour, a Solar Fish Dryer has been installed by Adani Foundation, which is used by over 100 fishermen regularly. The fish dryer has proven beneficial for the fishermen for drying up their fish in less time and with proper hygiene.

Other Rural Infrastructure initiatives

Water Conservation and Ground Water Recharge

Adani Foundation has taken up myriads initiatives under water conservation and rain water harvesting programme.

Clean & Pure Drinking Water

To provide safe drinking water to people in the proximity area of operation, Adani Foundation has installed hand pumps and RO plants.

Creating Better Infrastructure for Education

Adani Foundation in order to strengthen the infrastructure for education carries out the construction of assembly hall, classrooms, computer labs, playground and washrooms, etc.

Building Infrastructure for Health

To keep our communities healthy, the Foundation has constructed various health care infrastructures.

Other Village Development Projects

The Foundation has taken up social and moral responsibility of caring for people through developing infrastructure of the community.

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