President’s Message

Gautam Adani President, Adani Foundation

As I look back and reflect on the journey of our Group, I often remember the power of a simple sloka we learnt in school “  “ (Yat karma kurute tadabhisam- padyate), meaning, as your deed is so is your destiny. The larger an organization gets, the more power its deeds wield and the more power its deeds wield greater becomes its responsibility towards the larger society. Therefore an organizations success simply cannot be defined only by the quantum of profits it makes but gets defined as much by the lives of the people it touches and the contribution it makes to the society.


Over the past few years the Adani Group has been the fastest growing conglomerate in the country. While this is an achievement to be cherished, I am humbled by the fact that it is the karma of so many people that have worked with us in the past and continue to work with us that has allowed our organization become what it is today and has put us in a fortunate situation to be able to give back via the Adani Foundation. Therefore, should we feel proud of the fact that the Adani Foundation’s education programs have touched the lives of over  250,000 young students? Should we feel proud that the Adani Foundation’s healthcare programs touch the lives of over 4,00,000 people every year? Should we feel proud that the Adani Foundation’s sustainable livelihood programs have made over 35,000 people and their entire families self-reliant and should we feel proud that the Adani Foundation has improved the lives of over 3.2 million people across 2,250 villages and towns by helping provide better roads, drinking water, and other basic facilities? The answer is - yes. But more than feeling proud, we must feel grateful that we have been given this opportunity to be the fortunate ones that have the ability to serve – this is the power of karma that we can keep accumulating through our deeds.


Over the past year I have been told several stories of the power we have to make a difference. How an individual from our foundation at Mundra went and helped a mother get her malnourished child back to where he was able to go back to school. Nothing can replace the joy in a mother’s eyes seeing her son walk back to school. How the never say die attitude of a team from our foundation in Tiroda spent days working with a few adolescent girls that were anaemic and helped them overcome their struggles and enabled them to go back to work to make their living. These stories are stories about restoring human dignity. The dignity of a mother, the dignity self-reliance brings to a young girl. The stories are endless because the need in our nation is endless. However small these individual stories may sound, every small bit the Adani Foundation does helps us accumulate the karma we need to get an opportunity to do the bigger things. This is why it is said that karma seeds habits and habits represent the DNA of an organization.


We realize that as the Adani Group grows larger, our responsibility to give back becomes even larger and we are determined to collectively work to fulfil this. What the Adani Foundation has achieved and continues to achieve is astonishing. Astonishing because of the sacrifices the members of the foundation make day in and day out to make a difference in the individual lives of people. I am grateful for the work they do and have no doubt that in the days ahead their “Doing Better” will continue to shape our “Thinking Big”.


Jai Hind.

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