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Environment Initiatives

Environment Initiatives

Our Corporate View is “To create plantation and greenery not only to reduce CO2 emission but also to become responsible corporate citizen and to create environment friendly/Sustainable setup.
Environment is an integrated part of our business. All our business goals and activities are aligned with it. At adani green initiatives are pursued in every single activity of our business every single day. 
We have positively carried out mangrove afforestation effort in 1538 Ha including 32 Ha mangrove biodiversity with survival rate of more than 60% in Gujarat coast. 
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Our Focus Areas

Igniting spark in over 1,50,000 young minds

Community HealthCommunity health

Facilitating a healthier life to 2,00,000 people every year

Sustainable LivelihoodSustainable Livelyhood

Transforming more than 35,000 lives by providing better opportunities to create self-reliant lives

Rural InfrastructureRural Infrastructure

Improved life for over 5,00,000 people in 177 cities & villages by developing quality infrastructure