Improving the lives of farmers in Tirora


As the world witnesses changing weather patterns due to Global Warming, farmers in India are among those who are affected. In areas where Rice is cultivated, lack of rain can result in reduction of income or even loss of livelihood for the farmer.

In an effort to help the farmers get good price for their yield throughout the year, Adani Foundation is training farmers in Tiroda, Maharashtra, in techniques that would require less water to produce the best quality of crops. One such technique is the System of Rice Intensification (SRI), which increases the yield of rice by 35% with 50% less water. 

While conventional agriculture uses synthetic pesticides and water-soluble synthetically purified fertilizers, these organic farmers in Tiroda are using natural pesticides, farm yard manure and vermicompost. Training farmers to make Vermicompost, which contains water-soluble nutrients, has been Adani Foundation’s primary focus. Adani Foundation is also teaching farmers to make natural pesticides and nutrients like Dashparni arka, Jeevamrut etc.


Adani Foundation has formed Tiroda Farmers Producers Company with the objective to organize farmers into a collective to improve their bargaining strength in the market. The Company is owned and governed by shareholder farmers. 
In year 2018-19, SRI farming shows the average acre production of 13.74 quintal whereas traditional farming gave 11.12 quintal yield in the region. 
Adani Foundation has been working towards popularising SRI technique with organic farming in Tiroda block since 2014, generating awareness among farmers on the need for adapting organic SRI technique due to its advantages, and developing a market for organic rice.
SRI is an agro-ecological methodology for increasing the productivity of irrigated rice by changing the management of plants, soil, water and nutrients. The benefits of SRI include 35% or more increased yields, up to a 90% reduction in required seed, and up to 50% water savings. 
Organic farming is attached with the SRI technique to serve the two ends – the grower, to assure him better price for his organic produce, and the buyer, to provide a wide variety of organic rice all through the year at reasonable prices. 

Agriculture related businesses

Adani Foundation is focusing on Organic Farming and Agriculture-related businesses like Lac Cultivation, Dairy, Vermicomposting, etc for remuneration purposes. The initiatives include Organic SRI, Cow-based Livelihoods, Vermicomposting, Biogas (Vermicomposting with the help of biogas slurry ). 
Along with these activities dairy farming is developed as a secondary source of living for the farmers by refining productivity of local cattle and buffaloes. There are two Livestock Development Centres (LDC) which are covering about 23 beneficiaries. LDC also performs Artificial Inseminations (AI), Cattle Health check-up camps, Fodder, and Vaccinations.  
Adani Foundation has trained about 200 farmers and have cultivated 3000 trees for Lac Cultivation. After the Lac crop is ready, about 5kg of Lac will be extracted from each tree, which has market price of Rs. 100-300/kg. Accordingly from 15 trees about Rs. 7500-21000 income will be generated.

Farmers Producer Company-

There are two registered Farmers’ Producer Company (FPC) for male and female, named as Tirora Farmers Producer Company and Pragatishil Mahila Farmers Producer Company, which are supporting 100 Self-Help Groups’ Dairy businesses.

Mushroom Cultivation

In the year 2017, the women-centric income generation activities like Mushroom Cultivation, Lac bangle making, and Agarbatti Making came into existence. Now total 238 women are successfully earning income and strengthening their economic and societal status. Adani Foundation is associated with Human Development Mission, Govt. of Maharashtra for implementing these initiatives for women SHG members and Lac Cultivation for farmers.

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