• Changing India

    Changing India

  • Football Coaching

    Football Coaching

  • Marching with the Beats

    Marching with the Beats

  • Easy access to Modern Health Care

    Easy access to Modern Health Care

  • Growth for Us is our Communities’ Health

    Growth for Us is our Communities’ Health

  • Our Commitment- Seniors’ Health

    Our Commitment- Seniors’ Health

  • Welcoming the Mobile Clinic

    Welcoming the Mobile Clinic

  • Being Self Reliant

    Being Self Reliant

  • Building Capacity Bringing Income

    Building Capacity Bringing Income

  • Skills Know No Age

    Skills Know No Age

  • Conserving for a Secure Tomorrow

    Conserving for a Secure Tomorrow

  • Safe Drinking Water within Reach

    Safe Drinking Water within Reach

  • Imparting Skills for Nation Building

    Imparting Skills for Nation Building

  • Education

    Under Education, Adani Foundation adopts a three pronged approach. It runs Adani Vidya Mandirs- a school with a difference for the students coming from an economically challenged background. Having a total strength of 2,100 students, Adani Vidya Mandir is currently operational at Ahmedabad & Bhadreshwar in Gujarat and Surguja in Chhattisgarh. The Foundation is also catering to 2,600 students, through subsidized schools, like Adani Public School in Mundra (Gujarat), Adani Vidyalaya in Tiroda (Maharashtra) and Kawai (Rajasthan) and Navchetan Vidyalaya in Junagam (Gujarat) and Adani DAV Public School, Dharma. The Foundation further extends its support to 600 government schools and balwaadis across the nation.

  • Community Health

    Bringing healthcare at the threshold in the remotest of regions, Adani Foundation has Fifteen Mobile Health Care Units (MHCUs) across the nation which attend to 25,000 patients per month and 3.0 Lac people a year on an average; a total of Twelve Rural Clinics at Mundra (Gujarat) and Sainj (Himachal Pradesh) cater to 72,000 patients per year. With an objective of providing affordable and accessible health care to all, GAIMS G.K.  Hospital attends almost 1500 patients and conducts 50 surgeries each day. The BPL families are given treatment free of cost in this hospital.

  • Sustainable Livelihood

    The common thread that runs across all the sustainable livelihood promotion programs is to improve the bargaining power of the poor and marginalized communities by providing them with a range of informed choices & livelihood options, facilitating stakeholder consultations, and developing local partnerships to upgrade their basket of skill sets. The Foundation invests in building social capital, promoting collective strength through self-help groups, supporting initiatives towards preservation of traditional art and organizing skill development training for the youth and women artisans. The income generating activities of the Foundation has impacted numerous peasants and their families directly.

  • Rural Infrastructure

    Developing the rural infrastructure has a direct effect on the economic growth and wellness of an area. Access to resources, increase in the avenues for developing rural livelihoods, increased opportunities for income generation, safe & clean sources of drinking water, and access to qualitative primary health care systems lead to better productivity, reduction in morbidity, adequate employment and increased agricultural income and savings. Recognizing the government as the key player in the provision of basic infrastructure facilities, the Foundation endeavors to bridge the gaps and make its activities more need specific and responsive to the grassroot requirements.

Education Related Initiatives

Adani Vidya Mandirs

1,900 students provided with cost-free quality education in Ahmedabad, Bhadreshwar and Surguja

Senior Citizen Health Card

To help the senior citizens with their health care requirements and timely help, a special Senior Citizen Healthcard Scheme has been initiated.

Fisher-folk Communities

The Foundation extends livelihood support to the fisherfolk community along the coastal zones in Mundra, Dahej and Hazira.

Adani Schools

Schools managed by Adani Foundation to provide subsidized education.

Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Sciences (GAIMS)

GAIMS is the first PPP model, in medical education sector.

Farmers/ Agriculturists

Prosperours Farmers, Happy Nation. Various projects to increase farm yield and improve quality of life for farmers.

Project Udaan

Udaan is a project inspired by the life-changing story of Mr. Gautam Adani, the Chairman of the Adani Group, who when visited a port dreamt of having his own port one day. The rest is history

Animal Husbandry

Livestock farming made simpler with health camps for cattle, feed and training for better livestock management.

Early Childhood Education

Adani Foundation provides scholarship assistance to bright children and facilitates aanganwadis for bettering up the early childhood education.

Health Camps

Health camps organized to meet local community’s health and medical needs.

Fisherman Amenities Projects

Adani Foundation has constructed a total of 139 shelters for fisherfolk community who reside on the coast lines.

Support to Government Schools

Adani Foundation works towards improving the quality of education in 300 Government schools across its various sites.

Rural Clinics

Extending the medical coverage at remote locations deprived of such essential healthcare services.

Self Help Groups (SHGs)

Promote, nurture and capacitate a number of Self Help Groups for Women/Youth/Senior citizen.


Adani Foundation supplements the efforts of government with the pilot project called UTTHAN

Science on Wheels

An endeavor to make Science and Maths subjects fun-filled and interesting for primary school students.

Water Conservation and Ground Water Recharge

Adani Foundation has taken up myriads initiatives under water conservation and rain water harvesting programme.

Clean & Pure Drinking Water

To provide safe drinking water to people in the proximity area of operation, Adani Foundation has installed hand pumps and RO plants.

Creating Better Infrastructure for Education

Adani Foundation in order to strengthen the infrastructure for education carries out the construction of assembly hall, classrooms, computer labs, playground and washrooms, etc.

Building Infrastructure for Health

To keep our communities healthy, the Foundation has constructed various health care infrastructures.

Other Village Development Projects

The Foundation has taken up social and moral responsibility of caring for people through developing infrastructure of the community.

Biogas Construction Programme

Adani Foundation with its holistic understanding of people’s needs has been successful in coming up with the construction of biogas plants focusing mainly on reducing women’s overall work load.

Adani Surguja Football Academy

The Surguja Football Academy which started in 2013-14 in association with Surguja & Chhattisgarh State Football Association has already produced 17 players who got selected for our national football team and 6 others, who played for the coveted Subro


SAKSHAM focuses on having 10 State-of-the-Art Adani Skill Development Centres across India to conduct placement linked training program for at least 40,000 youth per year.


Swachhagraha draws inspiration from Satyagraha movement for achieving and maintaining the state of Cleanliness in form of a culture and not a one-time activity.

Mobile Health Care Unit

Adani Foundation through its MHCUs attend to 25, 000 patients per month and an average of 3.0 Lac people a year, across remote locations of the nation.

Project SuPoshan

SuPoshan aims to free young children, adolescent girls and women in reproductive age from the clutches of malnutrition and anaemia.

Happy Beneficiaries

Succesful Case Studies

Lighting up Remote Rural Areas

Mobile Health Care Units in Remote Areas

Educating Children, Empowering Generations

Nurturing sports talents amongst underprivileged children

Potato chips give women confidence to chip in family income

Adani Foundation…Reducing Drudgery of Women

Maximizing Initiatives

Supporting the Fisherfolk

Young widows re-discover hope at Adani Skill Development Center

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