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Swachhagraha has been launched by Adani Act in association with CEE as knowledge partner, during April 2016.


Swachhagraha is inspired by one of the largest mass movements - 'Satyagraha' that changed the fate of the country. Satyagraha catalysed action, by winning over people's hearts through tremendous patience and perseverance, instilling in the Indian mind, dignity and self-respect. It was a freedom movement of the people, by the people and for the people. Mahatma Gandhi, who conceptualized Satyagraha, was a staunch believer of the importance of sanitation and cleanliness of surroundings in day to day life. He once said, "If we do not keep our backyards clean our Swaraj will have a foul stench." 


The Project draws inspiration from Satyagraha movement in terms of engaging people and bringing about change similar in scale to India's freedom movement where people get involved to take action for 'creating a culture of cleanliness'. With a quest to fight against filth and cure the litterbug in all of us, Swachhagraha also takes the Swaccha Bharat Abhiyaan a step further and aims to ensure that India remains litter free beyond 2019 and forever. It is a movement of achieving and maintaining the state of Cleanliness in form of a culture and not a one-time activity.


For more details please visit http://www.swachhagraha.org/

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