Science on Wheels


The objective of this project is to take Science and Maths in a fun and friendly manner to the primary schools. The van filled with science models visits a primary school and stays there for a day. In the first half of the day, students from 5th to 8th standard are explained about the various models of science ranging from the models of human body, human brain and models of physics as well as chemistry. In the second half of the day, the students participate in hands on activity and Maths Fair. In hands on Activity, the students are divided into groups and are given working models like wind mill, racer, etc. in a jumbled form. They arrange the models and set them working. In Maths Fair, different activities and games are set up in which students participate and learn the concepts of mathematics in a fun and friendly manner. 


Science on wheels have covered 7472 students from 80 schools.



“Science on Wheel” project came with an objective to reach out to the students of rural India and to give them the opportunity to learn the basics of science through science models, games, hands on activities, experimentation etc. The Foundation started this project with a hope that early intervention would help students in expanding their knowledge content by creating their own knowledge by experimenting with the things present around them. “Trial & Error method” is the best way of creating new and self-knowledge which will provide students with the opportunities to grow. A total of 766 Students from 7 Schools have benefitted from this programme.


Over 10000 students of 25 schools in Port periphery and railway corridor villages have been covered through Mobile Science Exhibition Programme. Apart from the exhibition, various experiments on general science are carried out for the students at the schools.

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