• Project SuPoshan

Project SuPoshan

Malnutrition and Anaemia are two major concerns for our developing nation. A total of 48% of or 54 million children under 5 years are stunted, while 69.5% children below 5 years suffer from Anaemia. The level of anaemia among adolescent girls and women are 55.8% and 55.3%, respectively. Further, the level of Anaemia among pregnant women is almost 58.7%.


SuPoshan aims to reduce malnutrition amongst children by 95% and anaemia amongst adolescent girls & women by 70% in villages during the next three years. The project SuPoshan targets to employ community based approach to address above two issues in about 1,200 villages across India at 14 locations. The project has three pronged strategy i.e. promoting awareness, building institutional capacity and knowledge-base in form of Sangini and networking with existing government schemes.


Post commencing in May 2016, SuPoshan has incorporated 400 Sanginis and trained them on the subject. After the baseline survey, the project is now focusing on treatment of SAM (Severe Acute Malnutrition) children through government schemes of Child Nutrition Centre.


Visit website: www.suposhan.in

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