Rural Infrastructure Development

The Adani Foundation believes in investing in promotion, protection and upgrading of physical capital, i.e., infrastructure and equipments. The Foundation promotes the vision of identifying the gaps in the existing services and complementing the efforts of the Government with the right initiatives. Recognising the government as the key player in provision of basic infrastructure facilities, the Foundation endeavors to bridge the gaps and make the activities more need specific and responsive to the grassroots level requirements. This also helps in making the activities sustainable and replicable in nature.

Reduction of poverty through development of infrastructure has remained one of the key strategies to achieve the Millennium Development Goals set by UN. Other than being a key component of rural development, providing proper and adequate rural infrastructure is a key aspect in ensuring sustainable development. Developing the rural infrastructure has a direct effect on economic growth and wellness of an area. Access to resources, increase in the choices in rural livelihoods, increased avenues for income generation, safe and clean sources of drinking water, access to qualitative primary health care systems leads to better productivity, reduction in morbidity and stress, adequate employment and increased agricultural income and savings.

With the vision to change the face of the rural communities where the group operates, the Foundation has developed rural infrastructures such as approach roads, school buildings, health care facilities, recreational zones like garden, sports ground and water storage tanks. It has particularly focused on developing and harvesting water resources in dry areas. Water conservation strategies include water recharging and collection through various water harvesting techniques. Recharging well and hand pump as well as constructing check dams and storage tanks are the priority areas for the Foundation.   


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