Message from the Trustee


Swachhagraha- Swachhata ka Satyagraha; draws inspiration from one of the largest freedom movements, ‘Satyagraha’ which catalysed action by winning over people’s hearts through tremendous patience and perseverance, instilling dignity and selfrespect in people’s minds. Satyagraha helped our country get freedom. Similarly Swachhagraha movement has been designed to make ‘Culture of Cleanliness’ to be transpired to all, by future generation of our country.

At the completion of fourth year Swachhagraha with its three pronged approach i.e. school Intervention programme, Youth intervention and community outreach, has been spread pan India.

  • 19 States
  • 82 Cities/Towns
  • More than 5,700 Schools
  • More than 5,800 Preraks
  • More than 90,000 Dal Members
  • More than 23,00,000 Swachhagrahis


This year we have also expanded Swachhagraha for Saksham trainees and Udaan visitors.

I am pleased to inform you that Swachhagraha entered the India Star Book of Records when 6,80,608 Swachhagrahi students from 1,728 schools of Bilaspur district, Chhattisgarh, took the Swachhagraha Pledge to imbibe a ‘Culture of Cleanliness’ on January 30 2019.

I urge all the readers to also take a personal responsibility for not littering and inspire all around you for anti-littering behaviour as well as reduce waste generation and disposing garbage responsibly.

Our Hon. Prime Minister says, Patriotism does not have to confine to fighting for a country with guns and rifles but it is to fight against the evil of filth that is eating away our country. The same sentiments are echoed in a poem by young student Master Apoorva Vikram Shah from Nainital.

जो सरहद पर तो जा न सके,पर अपना फ़र्ज़ निभाते हैं, 
अस्वच्छता नामक शत्रु से भारत देश बचाते हैं,
दो पल वतन के आज, उनके नाम करता हूँ , 
जो सड़क नाले साफ करते हैं , उन्हें सलाम करता हूँ |

एक भीष्म प्रतिज्ञा अब, हर जन भारत का ले ले ,
अटूट प्रेम स्वछता से हर मन भारत का ले ले,  
तो युद्ध का ऐलान अब, गन्दगी के खिलाफ हो, 
और मांग Sherwood की  जनता से है, देश का कचरा साफ़ हो |  
हुकमरानो से उम्मीद यही, आशा है जवानी से,
इल्तजा गांधीवाद की, हर एक हिंदुस्तानी से,
सन्देश  हमारा जमाने भर में हर पहर जायेगा,
जम्बूद्ववीप का जयघोष गगन में, बेशक ठहर जायेगा,
भले खून न बहाये  सरहद पर, एक छिलका अदब से उठाये,
बिना पवन ही अमर तिरंगा, खुद ही लहर जायेगा ।

Let us be example of our motto ‘Growth with Goodness’!

Jai Hind!!!

Mrs. Shilin R Adani

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