CSR is challenging yet rewarding: Mr. Subodh Singh


Development in rural areas can be difficult because of the immense challenge of ‘improving the quality of life’ for those who are poor, voiceless and living in remote locations. Every business entity operating in such areas must undertake initiatives for the welfare of the community. The aim of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to utilise the wealth of the business enterprise to resolve the issues of the community.

We started our CSR activities in Godda three years ago. In the absence of electricity connections, good schools, railway services, transportation systems, etc. the people and local authorities were in desperate need of help. The main challenges that we faced were speedy resolutions of community problems, raising the level of infrastructure services, providing timely health care, improving quality of education in schools, etc. 

We began by clearly defining our areas of intervention namely, healthcare services, skill development, water conservation, agro-based livelihoods and community infrastructure related needs. Today, our Mobile Health Care Units are providing health services to nearly 1 lakh patients in more than 300 villages of Godda district. Thanks to the Suposhan programme, nearly 270 children have come out of malnutrition. On the livelihood front, nearly 1,200 women have been trained in stitching and tailoring. Based on their high quality work, they managed to get an order for stitching uniforms of 1.51 lakhs students for the Godda district. The Saksham centre in Godda is the largest single-location short term course centre in Jharkhand. It provides training to nearly 1,500 people annually. 

When working for the development of a community, unwavering focus on the goals followed by diligent efforts translates into positive long-term results. I am proud of our team for making a significant impact in the local people’s quality of life which is so beautifully reflected in their admiration for the Adani Foundation. 

Mr. Subodh Singh,

Unit Head, CSR, Adani Foundation,

Adani Power Jharkhand Limited.

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