Voice of change


Drinking Water Facilities


Saraswati Dalai of Oramal village in Dosinga Panchayat is happy that her family members and neighbours have easy access to drinking water due to the Foundation’s efforts of installing a handpump. Earlier, access to drinking water was a big issue for the villagers as they had to walk miles to get clean water. The Foundation gives utmost priority to solving problems of drinking water availability. Hence, it has installed 30 handpumps in eight Gram Panchayats in the region.

Gaining Health


Ashma Khatun’s weight was 8.4 kg and Mid Upper Arm Circumference  (MUAC) just 13.2 at the time of SuPoshan Sangini’s first visit to her home in Bar Basudevpur, during the baseline survey. At four years of age, she was categorised as underweight and referred to the Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) for treatment. After the intervention, her weight increased to 10.5 kg and MUAC to 13.8. Today, Ashma’s mother is helping in convincing other parents to send their children to NRC by sharing the advantages of the treatment.

Beauty & Wellness Course

Trained by Adani Skill Development Centre in the Beauty & Wellness Course, Darshana Mistry, a resident of Nava Vadaj, Gujarat, supplements her family’s income by offering beauty treatments from home. She is admired by her neighbours and community members for her initiative and enterprise.

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