Rebuilding Kerala, Reviving a Community


The Adani Foundation has committed Rs. 50 crore to the Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund to support the people affected by the devastating floods. Out of this, Rs. 25 crore has already been given as immediate relief, while the rest will be used to aid the state in the massive task of reconstruction and rehabilitation. The Adani Group’s employees also contributed a day’s salary each to show solidarity with the people affected by the floods.


The Foundation’s involvement began with the relief team reaching out to people in Kokkathode, Mundanplavu, Nellikkampara and Kottampara Kurisadi Junction in Aruvapulam Panchayath; Thekkemala, Vanchipramala,  Catholic Church and St. George Orthodox Church in Mallappuzhasseri Panchayat, Mangaram and  Maroor villages in Konni. The teams also distributed relief kits. Each kit contains rice, rice flakes, biscuits, bath soap, wash soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, candles, matchbox, lungi, nightclothes and cloth bags.


The Foundation also pressed into service a Mobile Health Care Unit (MHCU) with a doctor, pharmacist and social worker. The MHCU was stationed at the relief camp in Kozhancherry, Pattanamthitta, catering to the needs of about 200 people every day.

Offering a Helping Hand


Affected by the floods, Narayani Amma, a 90-year-old woman from Pandanadu Panchayat in Pathanamthitta district, was brought to the relief camp. Dr. Arun, working with the Adani Foundation’s Mobile Health Care Unit (MHCU) did a detailed check-up and also gave her medicines. The Adani Foundation helped her to get the attention of important authorities and stakeholders in order to get proper rehabilitation.

Chellamma, an 80-year-old woman, and her 90-year-old sister were saved by their neighbours and brought to the relief camps when the flood waters rose above their hut. The Foundation’s MHCU did a thorough check-up and provided medicines to help them recover from their present issues of asthma, fever, cough, arthritis and sleeplessness. Furthermore, the team made arrangements to ensure that they were given proper medical attention and food.

In the relief camp, 62-year-old Ammini and her family got food and medicines through volunteers and the medical team of the Adani Foundation. The team is now working to provide support in cleaning her house and getting it repaired by organising of volunteers and other resources.

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