Hard Work Breeds Success : Dr. Anil Balakrishnan


Leading a team under CSR at the Adani Foundation in Vizhinjam, I have been provided with a platform to serve people in need by reaching out to them directly. Bringing innovative solutions to the table helps our programmes and initiatives become more effective. The appreciation for such initiatives motivates us to come up with new ideas and innovations. It makes our efforts meaningful and helps us persevere through difficult times.


In August 2018, I directly witnessed the devastation caused by the floods in many parts of Kerala. I would like to share a true example of the beauty of volunteerism promoted under the Adani Foundation during this time. We formed a team (in all 52 members) consisting of Adani employee volunteers and community volunteers to support in the relief and rehabilitation work in Pathanamthitta and Alleppey districts. The team also reached out to remote areas and tribal belts with relief kits and helped the affected people.

I am proud to be a part of the Adani Foundation which aided the State of Kerala in its herculean task of reconstruction and rehabilitation. The Foundation is an excellent institution, with a clear CSR strategy, that works genuinely for the cause of people. Reaching directly to the people at the grass-roots level, it intervenes in the whole gamut of social development.


Our dream is to bring a paradigm shift in the century-old approach to social development. We focus on inclusive development by directly impacting the communities and improving the quality of life. I am delighted to be a part of this nation building exercise through the CSR platform of the Adani Foundation.

Dr. Anil Balakrishnan

Unit Head, CSR, Adani Foundation,

Adani Vizhinjam Port Pvt. Ltd.

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